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Kenfig National Nature Reserve
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News Update

New Wetland Habitats for Fen Orchids The pictures below show pioneering work that took place during 2008 to create new bare wet sand habitat (called dune slack) for Kenfig NNR's rarest plant the fen orchid. Two areas were created. The first called 'Yew Tree Slack' was made in February and March using a JCB tracked excavator. The work went well but it took the excavator a long time to move the scraped material away from the sides of the new slack. A second area called 'Bushgrass Twins Slack' was cleared in November and this time we also hired in a Volvo BM dumper lorry to move the material.

Yew Tree Slack being scraped out in Feb 2008

Digging bucket being used to move sand away from 
'Yew Tree Slack'in March 2008 Bushgrass Twins Slack being scaped out in wet conditions during November 2008

“With the fen orchid population on the verge of extinction at Whiteford Burrows, and the species threatened by habitat loss at its Kenfig stronghold, this work to restore its habitat is critical,” said Clive Hurford, CCW Conservation Monitoring Team Leader.

Similar work is planned for at least another three years and it is antisipated that fen orchids will colonise within 15 years. The project was funded by CCW and and the work supervised by reserve wardens. The machines and drivers were provided by Exuma Plant Ltd of Port Talbot.

Conditions were very wet by November

Volvo BM Dumper being loaded

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