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Kenfig National Nature Reserve
Ton Kenfig
CF33 4PT

Tel: 01656 743386
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Kids Love Kenfig's Eco Playgrounds

What Do Children Remember About Kenfig? We would like to say it is friendly wardens, wild flowers, scenery, close encounters with wildlife etc but for many it is playing in the sand dunes. Well, there's nothing wrong with that and maybe they remember some of the other things too! We have several sandy blowouts dotted round the reserve and they really are great fun to play in. We love them too because bare sand is a rare and declining habitat on the reserve along with the plants and creatures that need it. By running around in the sand, visitors help prevent the blowouts growing over. We actively encourage it and take school groups to blowouts to let off steam during educational visits. So do your bit for nature conservation and come and play in the dunes at Kenfig!

Dune Jumpers

Playing in sandy blowout

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